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To endure election cycles, make art

June 3, 2016

Hearing about @majorbigtime‘s sticker campaign in the NYC subways just made me smile. For those of you outside NYC, there are “courtesy” posters informing subway riders of “unwelcome” behavior. It is over the circular heads of the figures that these sticker artists have decided to place the face of Donald Trump.

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Don't be a target. Find our Trumps and tag us. #nyc #newyork #subway #Trump2016

A photo posted by Major Bigtime (@majorbigtime) on

Electoral politics are one of the last things I want to post on this blog about, but these are amusing. Humor gives us some respite from the annoyance of the election year news cycle.
Check out NYC news PIX.

NEW YORK – Political street art has been spotted across New York City as the 2016 Presidential race continues to heat up.
On Sunday a sign was spotted in the East Village that read, “Muslims must wear identity jackets at all times.” It claimed to cite President Donald J. Trump.
Another anti-Trump statement was made on the subway by anonymous artists that go by the name Major Big Time.
“I just thought it would be funny to put pictures of Donald Trump over the people doing bad things on the subway,” the artists told PIX11.
Major Big Time puts Trump stickers on MTA’s courtesy counts posters, depicting the Presidential candidate breakdancing, on a hover board and brushing his hair.
“He’s reality star, I don’t think we need a reality star President,” they said. “That’s a slippery slope, we might have an emoji president next time.”
Hillary Clinton has also been the subject of street art. Last month an unknown person put up posters critical of Clinton throughout Brooklyn. “Clinton Stinks” posters were plastered near several of her fundraisers and an artist known as Sabo created posters that depicted Clinton as the cartoon character Shrek.

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One comment on “To endure election cycles, make art”

Absolutely fantastic use of an existing “canvas” – not only is it back lit and framed – it comes with a captive audience too ! Right On !



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