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7 Elemental Forces, an artist book

June 7, 2021

During the pandemic I got to know my letterpress. I spent many of the smoke-filled, fire-blasted, locked-down and dark months carving and printing the blocks for my first artist book, “7 Elemental Forces”.

Imagined as a “Field Guide from the Future”, this book illustrates seven elemental forces unleashed on the world by anthropogenic climate change: Fire, Smoke, Wind, Wave, Flood, Drought, and Disease. In the style of a grimoire, or magical text, the shape of each force is described and identified by image and testimony: the 7 forces are each illustrated with a hand-carved 4-color reduction linocut blockprint, and are accompanied by a quote from a scientist or public figure who can be understood as having observed the force being set free, to ravage landscape and society. An introductory essay, title page, and credits are all hand-carved linoleum blockprints, as are the two block-printed covers. The book is in an accordion-bound edition of 25.

The book is a way to imagine thinking about the present from another time, where all of the terrible transitions that we’re experiencing are already history, and people look back on this time when we suppose that we might have avoided them with some bemusement, and imagine us as quaint, or maybe just as fools.

It’s being distributed by our good friends at Booklyn!


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2 comments on “7 Elemental Forces, an artist book”

Good day my friend,
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Keep shining light on the causes dear to us all.
Cathy Sampson-Kruse
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