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A Lifestyle Distinct: The Muxe of Mexico

December 12, 2008

My friend Katie Orlinsky has a photo essay in last Sundays NY Times about transgendered folks in Juchitan, Oaxaca.

In this part of Oaxaca — a narrow strip of land known as the Isthmus — the locals make room for a third category, whom they call “muxes” (pronounced MOO-shays). Muxes are men who consider themselves women and live in a socially sanctioned netherworld between the two genders.

You can see the slide show over at The NY Times, or check out the accompanying article.

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One comment on “A Lifestyle Distinct: The Muxe of Mexico”

Wow, that’s very interesting. Is it like the kabuki actors? Where female roles are being played by men? That’s very interesting.