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Amazing! (Chris & Nicolas)

October 22, 2013


Second round of Amazing!, in which I ask members of Justseeds to make a top 5 list of things that have been inspiring them as of late. This time we get lists from Nicolas Lampert (in Milwaukee) and Chris Stain (in NYC).


Top 5 from Chris
1. Henry Fox Talbot (photos)
2. L. Moholy-Nagy (photos)
3. Autumn
4. Union Work on Wednesday’s
5. Hugs from my kids

Top 5 from Nicolas
1. Chip Thomas’s Painted Desert Project on the Navajo Reservation. Hands down the most interesting street art project happening in North America.
2. The Overpass Light Brigade. A project started by two close friends in Milwaukee has now gone international. This is open-source creative activism at its best.
3. Mike Wiggins Jr.
Reading the Facebook updates from Mike Wiggins Jr. (Chairman of the Bad River Band of the Lake Superior Chippewa) about the Native resistance to mining in northern Wisconsin is a daily source of inspiration. Here is a past quote from Wiggins Jr., “We are just like that Penokee Mountain. We’re not going anywhere. We will use every tool in our war chest to defend our water and air.”

4. Remember the factory occupation in Chicago at the Republic Windows & Doors Inc. in 2012. It have now evolved into something truly amazing. Some of the workers from the occupation have started a workers cooperative called New Era Windows Cooperative that is now on Chicago’s southwest side and has 18 plus owner-workers.
5. The last scene in the five-minute video of the “Women Are Heroes” project by JR when the wheat-pasted train goes past.


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