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Art Thoughtz takes down Damien Hirst

January 17, 2012

Hennessy Youngman, the row-home raconteur, does his inimitable part here dissecting and dismantling the awful schlock-art masturbator Damien Hirst, he of “embalmed shark in formaldehyde” fame. This is a hilarious and timely send up of a culture creature sunk so deep in the santorum of his own rich-idiot self-satisfaction that he can barely breathe, and who soon will drown in the sea of cheap money and bad ideas he claims as his “medium”.
Dara Greenwald turned me on to Art Thoughtz- this is a toast to her wit and wisdom.


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3 comments on “Art Thoughtz takes down Damien Hirst”

I would just like to clarify in Josh MacPhee’s book “Realizing the Impossible” re: the Haymarket Mosaic that was installed, there are several inaccuracies re. the graffitti mosaic that was installed.
Indeed Kim Grifter was indeed my assistant on a project I was contracted on in that neighborhood at Red Light Restaurant, the mosaic was indeed a collaboration between the two of us, and there is nothing that can or should be construed as spiteful in Blair Kamin’s article about it.
Also I was the lone installer who hoodwinked a city sub contractor into helping me install it as Kim was not there that day and is only using my story as hers.
thanks and please visit the Eggman and Walrus whenever in Santa Fe NM, an artspace for experimental art that I started here. (Kim Grifter had no participation in this). cheers and keep the faith

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