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Beehive Collective Releases “True Cost of Coal” poster

August 5, 2010

News from the Beehive Collective:
THE TRUE COST OF COAL is finished, printed, and ready for you to enjoy!

It’s true! After 2 ½ years of discussions, feedback, eraser marks, sketches and rough drafts, THE TRUE COST OF COAL is DONE! And we can’t wait to share it with you!
It is hard to describe the mix of emotions we ‘lil bees are feeling after this final push. Somewhere between exuberance and exhaustion, all of it steeped in immeasurable gratitude to all the folks who have helped make this graphic possible. To all the powerful people and places in Appalachia who shared their stories and their struggles with us, to all the folks who have hosted shows and offered up their floors or couches, to everyone who has kicked down money to keep us going, to friends and family who have emotionally supported us through this rollercoaster of a project, and to everyone else who has touched or inspired this graphic in some way- thank you. No doubt, YOU all are what made this project possible!
Experience the full poster and read the narrative at the TRUE COST OF COAL page on our website, and find behind-the-scenes studio shots in our Sketchbook and on our Coal campaign blog!

You can order a poster from the Beehive here.

Beehive Collective at the 2nd US Social Forum in Detroit.


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One comment on “Beehive Collective Releases “True Cost of Coal” poster”

I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Why are there no humans in this image? Are we to understand that the machines are driving themselves? For that is assuredly not the case. This kind of wishful-thinking leftist anthropomorphism is one of the most egregious lies humans tell themselves,and is contemptible to an exceedingly high degree. There is no redemption for humans. They are the plague. They are the biotic apocalypse, and no banjo-plucking black bear can say I lie. You can’t pretend your way into “sustainability”. Take a little fucking responsibility, creeps!



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