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BP loves art, hates earth?

June 30, 2010

Friends over in the UK have been organizing like mad to call attention to BP’s funding of the Tate Modern Museum, and their use of arts funding to put a happy face on their insanely destructive oil extraction activities. It’s interesting when artists attempt to organize from within the art world, it seems like the activities of Art Not Oil are some of the highest profile since the Guerilla Girls back in the 80s and 90s. Check out what Art Not Oil has been up to HERE and HERE. Here is a video of their last action, oil-y birds and balloons in the Tate!!


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2 comments on “BP loves art, hates earth?”

I have to admit, I don’t understand the logic of the BP boycott. BP had an accident, an accident that could happen to any oil company that transports or drills for oil. BP is no more or less evil than any other oil company. It doesn’t make any sense to single them out.
Also, I think you’ll find that many if not most corporate sponsors of art museum exhibitions have nasty track records, because corporations do nasty stuff to become successful. What purpose does it serve to single out BP?

BP is the company that had this particular “accident” they have made themselves a target. No one singled them out.
Maybe people are a tiny bit upset about how BP is handling the ramifications of their “accident”.
Maybe there is a strategy/demand of BP cleaning up their “accident” behind the boycott.

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