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Call for submissions from BorderX

November 4, 2019

The BORDERx Project is a collective of concerned artists, writers, and volunteers who will raise our voices, raise our pens, raise awareness, raise funds to help migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees. We are creating a comic book anthology. We will tell stories from the frontlines, from history, and from the heart in pictures and words. We are looking for original short comics, posters and illustrations.

The current state of immigration in the U.S. and around the world is a very complex issue and to understand it we need a multi-faceted approach — objective, subjective, historical, personal, speculative, investigative, etc. We want to provide a wide array of insights collected in the anthology and will also produce a companion educational guide to further explore the issues raised in the comics. 

The collected works will be made available to the public through a crowdfunding campaign that will raise funds to print the publication. The majority of the funds will be donated to the South Texas Human Rights Center who work directly with migrants in need.


Your donation of time and talent in crafting comics which will serve as the centerpiece in raising funds for the South Texas Human Rights Center. 

  • Stories that explore issues of migration, refugees, and displacement. 
  • Non-Fiction of all types with references and citations (document your sources). 
  • All genres of fiction. Drama. Sci-Fi. Humor. Horror. Anything as long as it’s “on topic”.
  • Infographics. Interior covers. Exterior covers and other one-page projects.
  • Posters, especially WPA-style propaganda posters (contact us for details). 
  • Biographical stories with references and citations when appropriate. 

The final format should be 1-8 page comic art ready for publication. Technical specifications and more info is listed on their website.

Deadline: Saturday February 1, 2020


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