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Calling visual artists to exhibit in pro-migrant cultural event in LA on July 29th!

July 11, 2011


Attention Fellow Visual Artists:
Are you a visual artist that fights for Human Rights? Do you have art work about migrants, immigration, day laborers, DREAM Act students, borders, raids, anti-militarization of the border, coming out undocumented, or any other issue related to migrant rights?
If yes, than keep reading…

I am collaborating with The Sound Strike for the upcoming Boycott Hatred Benefit Concert taking place in Los Angeles, CA on July 29th. This event will bring the LA community together with art, live music, a panel discussion, food  and local vendors with the purpose of raising awareness and strengthening to pro-migrant movement. Featured bands are Fitter, Aztlan Underground & Outernational.

The evening before the L.A. Rising Concert, which will be a reunion of Rage Against the Machine, The Soundstrike (founded by Zach de la Rocha) will organize a benefit concert to raise funds for Arizona-based charities PUENTE and Derechos Humanos.
I am organizing the exhibit for this event along with Russel Varner. If you have artwork related to the pro-migrant fight – PLEASE SUBMIT FOR CONSIDERATION.
Instructions:1. Send 1-5 medium resolution JPEG’s for consideration to:   theculturestrike [at]
Please don’t send files larger than 7 MB.
2. Send JPEG’s by July 22, 2011, 11:59 PM PST.
3. If your work is selected, we will contact you to coordinate shipping and/or pick up with you. We have pick up available in the Bay Area, CA and Los Angeles, CA.
Artists will be asked to particpate in 1 of 3 ways:
1. Display work, on a “not for sale” status.
2. Donation of your art (all proceeds generated by the sale of your work(s) will go to the overall charity effort).
3. Accept an agreed percentage of the overall sale of your work.  The profit will go to the overall charity effort.
Sold work, will be marked at the show as such and will remain on display throughout the duration of the show. If not present, the artist will be notified the following week.
The Soundstrike will cover shipping costs for artwork that comes from out of state. Please rest assured that work unsold by the end of the show/work not for sale, will be taken down, professionally handled, and transported to a secure location. The artist will be notified the following week; preparations will then be made for return of artwork.
Thank you,
Favianna Rodriguez & Russell Varner for The Soundstrike
(Poster Above – Artwork by Favianna Rodriguez)


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