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Carlos Cortez Mural

January 26, 2011


I recently completed and installed a mural of Carlos Cortez.


The mural is on the side of Sky High Gallery and Skateshop in Bayview, Milwaukee, WI.
It is the 3rd mural from their Temporary Mural Project. The project is organized by Faythe Levine and Aaron Polansky.


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5 comments on “Carlos Cortez Mural”

This is a beautiful testament to the strength, resilience and warm guidance that Carlos Cortez gave to so many of us. I did many a poetry reading with Carlos and taught workshops with him during the years I lived in Pilsen (Chicago), but, like Carlos, I am Milwaukee born and raised, so I’m so glad to see an homage to him here in Milwas (as Carlos used to say) where it all started for him. Thank you!!

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