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D12 Paris Climate Demos Recap: wheat-pasted posters

December 31, 2015

The fourth and final recap of time spent in Paris for the D12 Climate Demos is a photo essay of posters and stickers wheat-pasted in the city during the COP 21 conference. The majority of these images were seen in Montreuil – the neighborhood where the People’s Climate Summit took place and the neighborhood were Jardin d’ Alice is located – which served as the art build space for the D12 action. Earlier posts in this four-part recap series are on that very space, various activist-art actions, and the D12 demo itself. I came across many of these images while walking to Jardin d’ Alice with Josiah Werning from Climate Prints. Two Milwaukee people in Paris. And staying in a place that another Milwaukee person – Tara Bogart – located for us. Thanks Tara! This post goes out to you.











The last image looks familiar for some reason.

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One comment on “D12 Paris Climate Demos Recap: wheat-pasted posters”

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