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Europe Communique #3: MOPP

October 28, 2007

While in Århus we were lucky enough to meet Abdul and Mia, both photographers from Capetown, South Africa. They were excited about the Justseeds project, and told us about what they are working on Capetown, a project called MOPP-Month of Peoples Photography, which sounds really great. Apparently the photography scene in South Africa is still fairly segregated, particularly along class and race lines, where both photographers and their subjects need to be very privileged in order to be exhibited within most of the gallery system. MOPP rebels against that and has been doing what they call street photography, which is working with lots of people to just document their lives around Capetown and then hold guerilla art shows in the street or creative places like parking garages. It sounds like their photo actions are some of the few non-commercial oriented street art activities in the city. We had a great conversation and it definitely made me want to visit Capetown at some point.


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