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May 15, 2008

I recently went to Southpaw in Brooklyn for an incredible Hip-Hop show. The line up was Sabreena da Witch, hip-hop artists and activists Rebel Diaz, and DAM. The venue was packed and totally enthused by the music and atmosphere. Each group was super charismatic and very dynamic, and all with a political conscious and common demand, the end of the Israeli Occupation.
DAM is:

“the first and leading Palestinian Hip-Hop group” whose music is ” unique fusion of East & West, combining Arabic percussion rhythms Middle Eastern melodies and urban Hip-Hop.” Their lyrics are influenced by “the continuing Israeli-Palestinian conflict…the struggle for Palestinian struggle for freedom and equality. They Also draw their influence from such controversial issues as terrorism, drugs, and women’s rights”


This was, fortunately, my second time seeing them perform live. I am reminded of how much music creates community from both of the events. I once had a friend say something to the effect of “Think of the musical “scene” you’re involved in”, at the time I was very much a krusty-travel punk, “would you like that to be a reflection of the greater community/society that you hope to create?” I still consider myself a punk, and admit the shortcomings of that community, and have to say that the event at Southpaw is definately a reflection of community I hope to aspire to create. It brought together a number of old friends of mine that are some of the most motivated artists and activists I know, and we were congregating to celebrate independent & resistance culture, and to acknowledge the 60th anniversary of the Nakba. I left feeling really positive and motivated, despite needing to wake up at 6 am for work the next day!


photos by Anomalous
If you are in Toronto you have the opportunity of seeing them perform tonight
Hip Hop Against Apartheid: the Refugees will Return With INVINCIBLE
May 15
at El Mocambo
And if you’re in NYC there will be a demo commemorating the Nakba
Friday, May 16, 1-4PM
Dag Hammarskj Plaza
47th St. btn 1st & 2nd Ave

To support DAM and get their music check out their “store
I’ve also posted some DAM & Rebel Diaz videos below for those that are curious.
Thanks to everyone that attended the other night!
From DAM


From the creator of El Enemigo Comun and el machete: la lucha por el poder popular

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