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Free Tibet Demo in NYC & beyond

March 24, 2008

There have been a lot of activity around the current events in Tibet. A lot of actions focusing on the Olympics in China. One I came across today on the BBC newswire is about the disruption of the lighting of the torch in Greece.


Even a few months back at “Where Have You Been?
one story focused on a trip and action at the base camp of Mt Everest.
Recently, in NYC, there were reports of some aggression outside of the Chinese Consulate on 42nd street, leaving injured people and broken glass. People are demanding a stop to the killing in Tibet and a boycott of the upcoming Olympics in China.

This past weekend in NYC, a march passed thru Union Square. Here’s some flicks I was able to snatch of the posters and banners. The messaging was really clear in their images and chants, and was a very moving experience as the thousand or so demonstrators moved thru the Union Square Greenmarket.


Im not sure who called for the demo or was organizing, for some more info check out the International page for the Students for a Free Tibet or their blog
But jeez after a tiny bit of a search engine and following the links you can see how busy these folks are! A banner drop on the Great Wall


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