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Good karma

December 9, 2005

SAW Bootleg
This email from Shaun in Pittsburgh came our way via the Street Art Workers email list:

I thought this was interesting, and a positive example of what happens when we release designs into the world. This is a design Claude (in SanFran) did a few years ago, I think for the Utopia/Distopia project. But those were printed blue, this appears to be reproduced on a photocopier or printer. I don’t know if the person who put these up had one of the original stickers or if they got the image off our website, but there are a ton of these in and around my neighborhood in Pittsburgh, PA as of last month…

The original design can be found here. The 2005-2006 SAW posters are being selected right now — a full gallery of downloads for the SAW archives is coming soon, so go bookmark Street Art Workers and keep checking back!


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