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10 Plagues of the Occupation

I originally created these images in 2005 at the behest of theater director Deb Shoval as part of Liberty Cabbage Theater Revival’s An Olive On the Seder Plate, a “multimedia performance about how American Jews wrestle with the Israeli military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.” I wish they were less relevant today.

The Plagues as Liberty Cabbage defined them-

Home Demolition

A black and white, cut-paper style, series of panels that show a giant fist coming down upon the roofs of homes. The middle panel shows two women looking out at a scene of devastation, bombed buildings, broken walls, and rubble. In each of the four corners, a woman looks out desperately, with her hands to her chest.


The Destruction of Olive Groves

An army man with a rifle strapped to his back cuts into a tree trunk with a chainsaw. Behind him, a field of cut tree stumps and a military tank. The panel below shows two hands holding seeds and a tree seedling, over a hole in the earth for planting.


Collective Punishment

A series of panels showing various actions and reactions. A young boy holds a rock in his hand. A scene of coffins. A man holds his stomach, perhaps holding a bomb or detonation device. Another scene of a destroyed home. A man holds a rifle in-between trees. A bulldozer mows down buildings. A giant hand comes down from the sky towards people standing below.


Checkpoints (2 versions)

A line of people with papers, or passports in their hands, are made to stop, their papers ripped. A gate remains chained closed.

A woman is made to open a bag in front of barbed wire, at gunpoint. In the next panel, giant hands hold her down with pins.


Lack of Access to Medical Care

A military tank sits alongside an ambulance while an army man points a rifle at the injured or sick person inside. Giant hands hold back the care to the wounded in the next panel.


Lack of Access to Water

A man holds a bucket from a well and only one drop of water spills out.


Lack of Access to Education

An empty classroom is damaged. A broken window, a broken desk. Below, another panel shows a student trying to read but giant hands cover his or her eyes.


The Wall

A panel showing a large wall with a turret. Barbed wire frames each side. Below, a panel shows giant hands taking away land, and pushing away a group of people.



A line of people move along under the supervision of a military officer, his rifle, and barbed wire. Below, a panel shows giant hands herding a large group of people together.

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