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Feet On The Ground

Ariana Mygatt

Ariana Mygatt is an artist educator. She works professionally in high school public education and portrait & event photography. She holds an MA in Art + Education from New York University and a BA in Media Studies from Pomona College. Ariana works in digital and film photography, as well as graphic design and film production.


A bright yellow background features the following illustrations and text set at a slight kilter: different styles of shod feet, shoes such as combat boots, and high heels, and the text, “FEET ON THE GROUND”; Below that is a line of raised fists and Black and white hands in the air, accompanied by the text, “FISTS IN THE AIR.” Finally at the bottom are a large pair of feminine looking eyes, eyelashes, and eyebrows, looking intently at the viewer. Text below states: “EYES ON THE STATE.”

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