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The Monster Is Real

Juan Martinez

This graphic is part of Justseeds’ 2010 print portfolio Resourced.


A landscape of destruction is the backdrop to a large, terrifying snake head composed of oil extraction infrastructure. The snake’s head is attached to a long “oil pipeline” body. The brown and dark blue land is arid and cracked. Text above states: “This monster is real. Tarsands, the most destructive project on earth, coming to a town near you…” Below, in smaller type it states: “Tar sands oil requires three times the energy to produce than conventional oil and discharges three times the CO2. Deforestation from the Alberta Tar Sands is second only to the Amazon Rainforest and is slated to destroy an area the size of Florida. Eighty percent of oil produced in Alberta, Canada, goes to the U.S. through a vast network of pipelines. Cancer rates have skyrocketed in communities downstream from the Tar Sands, whose populations are mostly Indigenous.”

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