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Worlds Highest Standard of Living

Make America Great Again, by Chip Thomas


A vintage photograph in black and white which has been slightly altered. A dozen or so Black people, and people of color, stand in a line outside. They wear heavy winter jackets, and hats which date the image to the 1950s. Above, and behind them is a larger-than-life billboard which features a smiling, middle class white patriarchal family in a mid-century car, going for a drive. The driver, a man with uncanny Donald Trump features, is wearing a “MAGA” hat. Text on the billboard states: “World’s Highest Standard of Living,” and “There’s No Way like the American Way.” One of the Black men in line below also holds a bag with the words: “Make America Great Again”.

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American Domain

American Domain

June 30, 2017

Humanist and documentary photographer Dan Budnik is best known for his black and white photography from the civil rights era.  It was Dan’s photo of Dr. King that appeared on…