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History is written by the winners.

May 20, 2009

I ran into this over on the Information Clearinghouse site, a place I often go for news. This is part of an ad campaign being run in South Africa for the History Channel; other images in the series feature the war in Iraq and, perhaps most poignantly, demographic changes in Britain. Since I seldom post art-related material on this blog, I thought I’d take this opportunity.

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4 comments on “History is written by the winners.”

Wow, pretty shocking for Ogilvy, an “edgy” ad firm, but usually not this edgy! They’re practically lefty political posters (except the UK one, which seems open to a deeply reactionary interpretation….)

I read that they are not ads made by Ogilvy or for the History Channel (and it appears the site they were pulled from has taken them down). I have no idea if the photos are fake or photoshop-ed, maybe, maybe not? I also have no idea if the numbers are accurate. Of course I wouldn’t have known these things if they were actual adverts for History Channel either!

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