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Justice for Derek Williams

September 27, 2012


14 months ago in July of 2011 Milwaukee Police left 22-year old Derek Williams to die as he begged for medical help from the back of an MPD squad car, hand cuffed. MPD had tackled and arrested Williams, breaking a bone in his neck, and refused to help him until he suffocated to death in the squad car several minutes later. Community pressure and the release of the squad car video of Williams death has placed renewed pressure on his case. Earlier this week Williams’ death is now being ruled a homicide and not a natural death, according to the district attorney’s office, and a federal investigation may be launched.

Two graphics, one by Paul Kjelland (top) and one by Jacob Flom (bottom) demand justice for Derek Williams.
Below is a link to the video, which is incredibly hard to watch, but vital in demonstrating why police accountability is needed to end these acts of police brutality and murder.


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