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Justseeds: Old School 4

August 1, 2013

From Alec Icky Dunn: “This may have been my first letter-press project, made in 1993 maybe? (notice how little progress I’ve made with registering prints in 20 years)
I thought I was pretty clever with this one though the reference may be lost on you youngsters out there. In the early 90s there was a wildly popular t-shirt that kinda looked like this with serif’d letters that said ‘love see no color’. Various bootlegs added quotes from MLK or mixed the colors or printed on tie-dyes. The shirt was typically worn by white liberal baby-boomers with birkenstocks, sun visors, and fanny packs (just to give you a full vision—I grew up in Portland OR, btw). I thought the shirt kinda missed the point, through proclaiming the power of love it felt like you were invalidating some serious structural racism happening (especially with cops in Portland in the early 90s). Anyway I made these snarky, little, poorly-printed stickers in response and posted them around the city.”

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