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M-City in NYC

January 2, 2010


While generally bored by recent street art output (or the lack thereof), I’ve always been a fan of Poland’s M-City, and his interlocking and evolving urban stencil grids of buildings, factories, and public spaces. M-City has finally landed in NYC, and with the help of Ad Hoc Art, put up a mural in Queens. You can check it out in person at 1108 30th Avenue, Long Island City, NY. More info HERE.



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One comment on “M-City in NYC”

Walked by this on Saturday on the way to a garden meeting. Could definitely tell a lot of hard work and effort went into the design. At the same time the community has worked hard to keep a garden, which is right next to this mural, in the neighborhood. The garden is run entirely by community volunteers–there are over 100 plots that are managed by families, couples or roommates and a “Community Plot” in which anyone can come and garden and take home some fresh produce or some herbs from our herb spiral for free.
So with that “green” vision in mind, am interested in how the artist came to choose this particular design of smokestacks and flying donuts. Appears that it is this poland-based artist’s first work in NYC.

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