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Mexico City: 3 DIY Art shows at the ZAM

by Mazatl
April 27, 2010

Mexico City: 3 DIY Art shows at the ZAM
I’ve been away from computer access for most of these last months so I didn’t get much of a chance to blog; But here it is some pictures from our last 3 Art shows at our Social Center: Zona Autonoma Makhnovtchina (ZAM) in Mexico city.
Scratchboards by Antonio Valverde Show: 04/22/10






Justseeds Artist Cooperative Show: 01/28/10



Zapata Vive, La Grafica Sigue! Show: 12/10/09

The First show we hosted was the “Zapata Vive, La Grafica Sigue” porfolio done collectively by the Martires del 68 School (ECPM68), the second show was a Justseeds show that Mr. Kevin Caplicki was kind enough to bring down with him in early January and finally Scratchboards by Antonio Valverde was the one we opened last Thursday. Antonio Valverde is an old time member of the Martires del 68 School (ECPM68) and a collaborator of La Otra Grafika.


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