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Naomi Klein on the Greatest American Economic Swindle

September 27, 2008

Check out the entries and resources on Naomi Klein’s website The Shock Doctrine to put some of the recent economic issues in perspective. There’s a bunch of good pieces & links under Disaster Capitalism in Action.
It gets more interesting everyday.
More personally, I left last Thursday’s demonstration without the usual malaise and disenfranchisement of NYC protest. A couple hundred folks gathered with a variety of slogans on hand-made signs, in supposedly one of over 200 demonstrations in a dozen states.

The crowd shouted “You Broke it, You Bought it” and “The Bailout is Bullshit” among other chants expressing the rage against such a backwards policy. Some photos of the protest can be seen on NYC Indymedia, and on LetsgetridofNY, and Alternet, or on video at NY Mag among many other places online.


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3 comments on “Naomi Klein on the Greatest American Economic Swindle”

i just checked out klein’s site. very lucid analysis of the current crisis. i have been in halifax, nova scotia for the past two weeks, and in a way i feel removed from what is happening right below the border, but people here are talking about it. naomi klein gave a talk at a university here last week to over 1,000 people! those numbers give me some brutal hope—as do your actions.



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