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New People’s History Poster Collaboration Finished

June 26, 2008

Sara Meister and I have finally finished work on a collaborative poster we started this spring as part of the Celebrate People’s History poster project. During a visit to Sara’s hometown of Kalamazoo, Michigan last summer, we saw a great exhibit at the local history museum about the intriguing strike at the Kalamazoo Corset Company in 1912. As there was never much written on the subject, Sara embarked on a research project with the goal of producing a zine later this year. I’d been itching to do another “People’s History” poster for some time, and we got to work this spring.

We’ve printed a limited edition silkscreen run of the posters which will be available soon from Justseeds (my first print in ages). The design will then go to Stumptown Printers, the Portland, Oregon-based shop that has been printing this project for years. Within the next month or two, the poster will be available in mass-produced form, distributed to individuals, schools, community spaces, libraries and the like. One of my favorite things about the People’s History posters is how often I see them around…

Update: You can grab a copy of this poster here!

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