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Monument Lab’s Re:Generation Roundtable ft. Shaun Slifer

August 6, 2022

This week I was happy to be included in Monument Lab’s Re:Generation Roundtable discussion series, hosted by Matt Jordan-Miller Kenyatta (Director of Justice and Belonging at University of Pennsylvania’s Weitzman School of Design). I was representing my team with the West Virginia Mine Wars Museum and our in-process Courage In The Hollers project, which is part of Monument Lab’s 2022 Re:Generation national cohort.

Also on the panel from the cohort is Mercedes Dorame, (The Land Under the Plinth, Los Angeles, CA). We were joined by Tomiko Meeks (Public Historian, Texas Southern University) and Andrea Roberts (Scholar and Professor, The University of Virginia + The Texas Freedom Colonies Project).

I made a lot of notes to prep before the panel, and then didn’t really look at them because I was too busy listening to the other folks. If you’re not already paying attention to the work Monument Lab is doing and the powerfully creative people in their orbit, check them out.

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