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Patriots for Self-Deportation

January 24, 2012


I received a press release this morning from a new political action group; Patriots for Self-Deportation, announcing the launch of their website Taking inspiration from Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney’s recent endorsement of self deportation as the only logical, humane and responsible solution to the cancer of illegal immigration, the group’s spokesman Stephen Winters has this to say: “A surprising number of authentic patriots have found in their own genealogical searches that one or more of their ancestors came here or stayed here illegally, and yet continued to make a living in this country and have children who in turn became instant citizens. Some patriots, faced with this moral dilemma, have decided to set an example for others. Knowing that their own presence in this country is not on moral solid ground, they have decided to demonstrate the highest level of civic dedication and sacrifice, and engage in self-deportation. ”
As a newly-minted US citizen, it made me flush with pride to see that there are patriots out there willing to step up and kick themselves out of the country they call home, simply because of some irregularity in their ancestors’ arrival proceedings. I’m looking into it myself.

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