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photos from the Justseeds-IVAW “War is Trauma” portfolio shows in Chicago

December 3, 2011

The Justseeds-IVAW portfolio “War is Trauma” has yet to be officially released (expect this to happen in late December) but that has not stopped a number of preview exhibitions from taking place. In Chicago, two exhibitions recently were staged including a show in Rogers Park that coincided with the finale of the IVAW residency at Mess Hall and a Warrior Writers reading. This was a special night that included a critique of graphics and a great overall discussion on the project and the issues at end. Here are a couple of photos of IVAW members Peter Sullivan and Aaron Hughes presenting.


Also, I presented an exhibition at Northwestern University that coincided with my residency at the Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities. For my exhibition I presented the print portfolio, posters from the 2010 Justseeds-IVAW street action, zines, and a series of new street signs that I created in collaboration with Aaron Hughes and Paul Kjelland. Thanks to the residency, expect to see 5000 offset posters from 5 different designs from the portfolio and a myriad of street signs coming to a town near you. A special thank you to Michael Rakowitz for laying the groundwork for the residency. Below are some photos of the exhibition:



Signs of GI resistance:






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3 comments on “photos from the Justseeds-IVAW “War is Trauma” portfolio shows in Chicago”

those street signs are pretty incredible—totally on-point. nice work, nicolas! excited to see the rest of the IVAW portfolio and offset posters

Your comment oversimplifies a complex issue. The work is critical of how the military is used, and pays respect to the GI resisters who speak out and are trying to improve the military.

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