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Printing Extincion 3

by Mazatl
January 27, 2011

These are some pictures from the printing of Extincion 3. This last December I sent half of the 33-print edition to JS HQ in Pittsburgh but black magic spells were cast on the print and the store entry disappeared… also the remaining prints in Pittsburgh apparently turned to dust.
Nevertheless I recently sent the remaining half of this run (and the remaining half of Extincion 1) to our Headquarters for the JS wizards to make available again.
To make this print I had to go through the excruciating experience of going to the Mexico City Zoo to sketch both the Mexican Gray Wolf and its skull counter part. Though sad it was a good reminder why we need these beautiful creatures in the wild.


I got to print this lino cut with my friends at Grafica Chaparral. If you’re ever in Mexico City and want to check out a cool workshop and studio don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Black Metal influenced Extincion 4 is in the works and an edition of 33 will soon be out there!
Thats right… Black Metal.







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2 comments on “Printing Extincion 3”

Great shots Santi! I’d love to take a trip just to print in all the talleres you work in!
A couple of months ago I was really jonesin’ to see some big cats, Jaguars, Tigers, etc, in person. I thought of the zoo, and immediately knew it would be too depressing to see them in that environment. My desire was satisfied when I went, with my nephews, to the American Museum of Natural History and swooned over the life size dioramas of these creatures. Its sad that they’re taxidermied animals, at least its not a living creature that’s stuck in a cage far away from its natural environment.

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