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Armed and Ready

Matice Moore


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This poster was created in November 2016, as part of the Trans Day of Resilience Art Project. It was made by Matice Moore in collaboration with Gender Justice Los Angeles.

Matice Moore is a Black queer gender non-conforming artist and educator born and raised in Arizona, who currently resides in Oakland. By day they support the advocacy and activism of youth who’ve been impacted by parental incarceration. By night, Matice uses linoleum and sparkly pens to make liberatory images that affirm marginalized identities with an emphasis on Black people, queerness, and trans identities. More of their art is available here.

“This piece attempts to depict a world where gender policing is destroyed by and through loving solidarity between trans and gender non-conforming people. We did not want to depict femininity/masculinity as oppositional dualities, and that inspired me to reflect on how bees can simultaneously embody and perform nurturing, pollinating, and protecting. We have to dramatically change the destructive habits of humans if we are going to live in a world with bees, and similarly we must create a future where the natural survival of transfemininity is guaranteed.”

Trans Day of Resilience Art Project uses art and activism to celebrate trans people of color in their lives and leadership, not just in death. It is supported by Strong Families. Learn more at

This print is one of six posters created for the 2016 Trans Day of Resilience Art Project. The complete set of 2015 & 2016 posters is available here. The other posters included in the 2016 project can be found here: Micah Bazant, Wriply Marie Bennet, Edxie Betts, Matice Moore, Asia-Vinae J. Palmer, and Rommy Torrico.