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Now imagine on the blackboard is the symbol for infinity, and teacher asks the student, “What’s your greatest possibility?”

…and imagine on the blackboard is the symbol for infinity, and students ask the teacher, “What’s YOUR greatest possibility?”

This print is based on a poem by Will Copeland called “Freedom Schooling,” in which he elaborates on a vision for education that sparks the imagination. Schools are an intense issue in Detroit, with many concerned parents choosing charter schools over the problem-ridden public schools, while other parents can’t afford that option. Detroit faces a 50% dropout rate among teenagers, and lack of funds has caused Detroit to close over 50 schools in the last three years. Raising inspired, knowledgeable, empowered young people is extremely important for Detroit, as well as all cities in crises, and I hope this poster puts the shine back on the idea that quality education is a possibility, now and infinitely.

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