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El Maiz Es Nuestro (The Corn Is Ours)



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Much of my art work tackles the topic of food because it is an issue that tremendously affects my community. Latinos compose a large majority of the workforce in the agricultural sector as well as the meat and poultry industries. The sheer numbers of Latino workers shows us that we essentially feed this country. Meanwhile, Latinos are getting bigger and unhealthier at alarming rates, facing a host of food related diseases, including malnutrition and obesity. I developed this poster to bring attention to how the planting of transgenic maize in Mexico is a crime against maíz farmers, against biodiversity and food sovereignty. The domination of genetically modified seeds, along with unfair trade agreements such as NAFTA, are destroying the way of life for farmers all over Latin America as well as strangling bio-diversity. The dominant model of globalized, industrialized food is costly for the earth, for the farmers, and for ourselves.