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Everybody Quit



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Over the last year I've encountered several signs posted on the front doors of businesses saying things on the theme of "Sorry we're closed/our hours are limited, nobody wants to work anymore". Each time I've seen them, I've instinctually muttered "...for YOU".

So what if nobody wants to work anymore? The past few years have made it clear to almost everyone with a job that their employers have anything but their best interests in mind. In the absence of any real access to political power and influence, people across the country are choosing to act in the only way they can: by quitting. Withdrawing your labor in the face of economic uncertainty is an act of great bravery, and even without coordination it has brought a nation of small-business tyrants and their larger corporate cousins to their proverbial knees.

If the electoral choices on offer continue to be as meaningless as they are now, the choice to quit will continue to be the best way that we have to confront the people who run and ruin our lives. Just imagine what we could do to them if we started to recruit.

I made this print with an emergency exit sign in mind. I recently acquired some wood type for the letterpress, and I'm looking forward to more experiments!

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