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Honor Trans Immigrant Lives


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Out of stock

This poster was made in November 2015, as part of the Trans Day of Resilience Art Project. It was created by the artist Mojuicy in collaboration with Transgender Law Center in Oakland, CA. Mojuicy says: “It has been a complete honor to work with Transgender Law Center for this year’s Trans Day of Remembrance. Learning about the incredible work their organization does on the frontlines moved me in a way that really connected me to their struggle. To try and capture the beauty, strength, and resilience of our transgender sisters in detainment was both a challenge and honor to execute respectfully.”

Mojuicy, aka Mohammed Iman Fayaz, is a queer Muslim illustrator who makes art under the pseudonym of Mojuicy. Born and raised in Queens, New York, Mojuicy illuminates the otherwise esoteric experience of being a queer person of color in his city. He is intent on documenting his vibrant community through his artwork with themes of intimacy, tenderness, and touch.

Trans Day of Resilience Art Project uses art and activism to celebrate trans people of color in their lives and leadership, not just in death. It is supported by Strong Families. Learn more at

This print is one of a set of eight posters created for the 2015 Trans Day of Resilience Art Project. The complete set is available here. The seven other posters included in the project are listed by artist: Micah Bazant, Wriply Marie Bennet, Adelina Cruz, Ebin Lee, Mojuicy, Ethan X. Parker, Bishakh Som, and Rommy Torrico.