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Reproductive Justice, Health, & Freedom Care Package

September 4, 2022

Justseeds just dropped a graphics resource kit about reproductive justice, health, and abortion rights with over 50 downloadable graphics by 33 contributors. Available here!!!

In the wake of the overturning of Roe v. Wade we have assembled a collection of graphics to support organizing work around reproductive justice, heath, and freedom. As Sister Song states,”there is no choice where there is no access” when intersecting oppressions of racial and economic inequality, ableism, incarceration, and lack of access to gender affirming health care exist and disproportionately create barriers for BIPOC women, trans, and non-binary folks.

This collection celebrates our multi-faceted fight for bodily autonomy- you will find images about the Green Wave movement to legalize abortion in Argentina, prison abolition and reproductive justice, inclusive and gender affirming reproductive health care, resistance to legacies of colonialism and white-supremacy through the traditional knowledge of Black and Indigenous midwives, the right to parent and build safe homes and communities, and more.

All images are Attribution – NonCommercial-ShareAlike so you can use them in your organizing work!

Contributors: Alec Dunn, Aliana Grace Bailey, Bec Young, Callie Garp, Chinatown Art Brigade, Christeen Francis, Dylan A.T. Miner, Favianna Rodriguez, Fernando Martí, Gilda Posada, Hollie Moly, the Illuminator Jessica Sabogal, Jessica Thornton, Kate DeCiccio, Kill Joy, Kristina Brown, Lane Lloyd, Lesley Numbers, Lois Harada, Megan Smith, Melanie Cervantes, Meredith Stern, Micah Bazant, Molly Fair, Nicolas Lampert, Pilar Emitxin, Radix Media, Rebel Betty Arte, Roger Peet, Shannon Kidd, Shannon Knox, Shyama Kuver, Studio Two Three, Under the Tree, William Estrada, and the W.O.W. Project

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