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I See You (2023)


Out of Stock

Out of stock

I originally made this print shortly after the US election, in despair over what to do, in a gesture of solidarity and commitment to all of us who have been affected, and will be even more acutely affected by the white supremacist capitalist settler-colonial heteronormative patriarchy and the many faces who represent its ugliest facets.

This print is a remix of a hand-drawn camouflage pattern I made a few years ago, now with that secret queer triangle even more visible. I have long been drawn to camouflage patterns and have recently thought of them as a way to visualize intersectionality, of working across difference and also of the tension between visibility and assimilation. Between dazzling and passing.

This edition has a sweet fade of florescent fuchsia to a rich dark periwinkle, creating a vibrant lilac where they mix. The second layer is a sparkly opaque violet.

I want you to know I see you, I acknowledge you, and I love you.

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