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Beaver Hanky



Here's a brand new take on an old design from the animal hanky series: the Beaver! Originally designed and printed just before I moved from Pittsburgh to Toronto for grad school, as part of a "Canadian Realness" going away danceparty, but before I had spent a deep amount of time researching or spending time with beavers, both real and in the human social imaginary. I have developed a deep personal affinity for these hardworking, social, and kind of cheeky animals. They also occupy a crucial space in queer Canadiana, see the work of Wendy Coburn (tragically R.I.P.), Fastwurms, or the Beaver bar in Toronto (also R.I.P.). Flag freely and stump grind away!

Choose a hanky in either hot orange on gold fabric, metallic gold on teal fabric, metallic gold on red fabric, or metallic gold on brown fabric!




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