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Mangroves have a special ecosystem and ecology. They protect over a third of the world's coastlines. They're known to pull large amounts of carbon dioxide from the air and keep fresh water aquifers from salt contamination. They are home to all kinds of species of plants, animals, birds, and fish. And like most of our natural world they are in threat of disappearing due to pollution, shrimp farming, beach homes, and golf courses just to name a few.

This imagine was originally created for a book cover. The book Testimonios: Defensa de los manglares en México (Testimonies: In Defense of the Mangroves of Mexico) written by Bios Iguana. The group is a non governmental organization from Colima, Mexico dedicated to caring for the environment, and searching for alternative methods of economic, social and cultural development that would allow us to move towards sustainability with our natural environment.

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