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Métis & Anishinaabe Beading Templates: Volume One


Dylan AT Miner is a seventh generation beadworker; his daughters are eighth generation. While a couple generations stopped the practice over the years, Miner has taken this skill and made the artform publicly accessible through this collection of templates.

The templates in this book are common Métis and Anishinaabe beadwork patterns. They are intended as a starting point, not an endpoint, to learning about beadwork. Cut this book, photocopy it, enlarge or shrink the images to fit your needs. Sew the template onto your fabric as you bead, then tear away the paper when you’re finished. Give these images to children to color and learn about beading themselves.

Just as these beading templates are a starting point to your beading craft, allow them to be a launchpad to learn your own cultural patterns from your ancestors and aunties. Photocopy these pages to pass out to your community and keep the tradition of beading alive.

Published during Manidoo-Giizisoons // Little Spirit Moon 2018 on a Ricoh DD5450 Risograph.

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