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No Back 40 Mine



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For the past year,  some of the Wisconsin members of Justseeds have been working with organizers in the Menominee Nation to develop graphics around the fight to stop the proposed Back 40 mine in Upper Michigan/Wisconsin.  The area of the proposed sulfide mine falls 100 yards from the banks of the Menominee River, which is also spawning grounds for 90% of the endangered lake Sturgeon.  This sacred river is essential in the origin story of the Menominee people, and the mine site itself has documented burial mounds on it.

As the Menominee people lead the fight to stop the mine on their ancestral land it has been a goal of theirs to build awareness, coalitions, and support in the surrounding communities.  Much like fights to stop pipelines in northern Wisconsin and Standing Rock, these issues directly impact all of us.  If the mine proceeds, it will inevitably leach into the Menominee River, and eventually flow directly into Lake Michigan, once again poisoning fresh waters used by millions of humans and animals.

These are a small handful of remaining prints from the edition that Pete originally printed for our Community Supported Art subscription program in 2017.

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