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Projet Mobilivre-Bookmobile Project Book


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Out of stock

The BOOKMOBILE Book brings to life the projet MOBILIVRE BOOKMOBILE project, an exhibition of artist books, zines and independent publications that traveled across the US and Canada from 2001-2005. Along the way, we also gave a lot of workshops and talks, and collaborated with many amazing groups and individuals. This publication tells the tales of the making and of the doing, from the road and from the studio.
With reflective essays that examine some of the contemporary motivations and inspirations for the project, the book also contains many photographs, selections of books and zines that were part of the BOOKMOBILE’s touring collections, tour guide diaries, and of course, comics!

FEATURING WRITING by Jon Davies, Andy Cornell & Lauren Jade Martin, Isabelle St. Amand, Catherine St. Amand, and Lauren Crahan & John Hartmann

FEATURING ARTWORK by Ginger Brooks Takahashi

FEATURING TOUR STORIES, PHOTOS AND COMICS by Sonja Ahlers, Peter Burr, Andy Cornell, Melissa Kramer Cresswell, Bita Mary Eslami, Sarah Evans, Sean Hemmerle, Hannah Jickling, Anna Leventhal, Lisbeth Pelsue, Mariev Robitaille, Catherine St-Amand, Oana Spinu,  Mary Tremonte, Julia Hainer-Violand, Adam Wallacavage, and Rebecca Watt

BOOK DESIGN by Cecilia Berkovic

EDITED by Leila Pourtavaf, Courtney Dailey & Onya Hogan-Finlay