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Riding Sliding Rumba


These moves are both hetero and homosexual courtship activities of dances with peccaries (riding), long-eared hedgehogs (sliding), and guinea pigs (rumba). Part of a decade-plus exploration of biological exuberance, a term coined by Bruce Bagemihl in his paradigm-shifting 1999 book by that name. I have been learning from and working with this book for a long time. This print is a piece of a repeat pattern that I created to print on fabric at the Women’s Studio Workshop in November 2019. It is also a taxonomy of terminology. The terms that describe the multiverse of queer animal behavior is rich, colorful, and ripe for word play. Possibilities expand for all.

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Ask First

Ask First

July 22, 2013

Ask First from Brendan Anckaert on Vimeo. Just turned on to this brilliant reworking of the Robin Thicke creepy top-40 tune by a bunch of Canadian coastal queers…it’s all about…