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Queer Scouts


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Out of stock

A new version of an old favorite, this screenprint of my queer scouts design was drawn, laid out, color mixed and pulled by hand. There are four layers of color on this print, which overlap and mix in places to make it actually a six color print.

Queer Scouts was first drawn, printed and distributed as fabric badges as a prefigurative gesture in 2011 at Operation Sappho, a queer dance party in Pittsburgh. I made this poster as a cheeky reference to the scouting badge posters I remembered from being a girl scout, and being around my boy scout brothers. All the beautiful badges you could aspire to earn!

Since then I have made actual embroidered badges of many of the designs, printed and distributed offset litho and risograph versions of this poster, and it has a life of its own far outside of me as an individual. Hope you enjoy this artist print and keep on scoutin'!

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