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Queer Struggles Poster Set

Justseeds Collaboration


A Celebrate People's History poster set of fourteen posters focusing on a diverse cross section of the queer liberation movement. You save $34 when you buy these as a set:

1. Audre Lorde by Arthur Katrina

2. Bayard Rustin by Eli Brown

3. Lesbian Herstory Archives by Carrie Moyer

4. Act Up Philadelphia by Courtney Dailey and Act Up Philadelphia

5. James Baldwin by John Jennings

6. Sylvia Ray Rivera by John Gerken

7. Compton's Cafeteria Riot by Andre Perez

8. Harry Hay by Miriam Klein Stahl

9. Vanguard Street Sweep by Edie Fake

10. Gay Liberation Front by Caroline Paquita-Kern

11. Men Against Sexism by Roger Peet

12. June Jordan by Nicole Manganelli

13. Bo Brown by Julie Perini and Josh MacPhee

14. Tobacco Workers Strike by Annabelle Heckler





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