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Queering the Lodge


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Out of stock

This print is inspired by an installation that Shaun Slifer and I collaborated on in September 2010, as part of Allegheny College's 8-Hour Projects (click there for a slide show of our process), curated by Darren Miller. Shaun sent me the leg trap design, that I tessellated and silkscreened directly on the wall, creating a wallpaper or tile-like pattern. A stuffed deer head, vinyl cutouts designed by both Shaun and myself, and some black lights completed the piece. For this print, I wanted to further push ideas Shaun and I had been discussing of "queering the lodge," ie bringing queer ideas, aesthetics, and possibilities into typically macho, male-dominated spaces. This print playfully combines our mutual interest in animal and human interactions, with my focus on sexualities and gender, and Shaun's interest in hunting and fear.

Printed on archival French paper at the Dirt Palace in Providence, RI


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