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Reclaim Turtle Island

Reclaim Turtle Island & Mazatl

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Reclaim Turtle Island is a cross-border grassroots radical media project that works to develop resources for Indigenous sovereigntist and anti-colonial struggles on Turtle Island (“North America”). An all Indigenous collective supporting self-determination through self-representation, RTI fights resource extraction, reservation apartheid, and colonial capitalism by providing media support through video collaborations, social media, workshops and skill shares within communities and movements.

These are overprints from the We Are the Storm portfolio we produced in 2015 in collaboration with Culture Strike.

Printed by Jesse Purcell/Repetitive Press (Toronto, ON).

Cancel Canada Day

Cancel Canada Day

by Zola
July 2, 2021

Since First Nations communities have started to search the grounds of past Indian Residential Schools to find the bodies of the (estimated up to 15 000) children that never came…