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I See You: 2022



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I originally made this print shortly after the US election, in despair over what to do, in a gesture of solidarity and commitment to all of us who have been affected, and will be even more acutely affected by the white supremacist capitalist settler-colonial heteronormative patriarchy and the many faces who represent its ugliest facets.

I originally printed this new version with a new colorway in early 2019 during a visit to Toronto and Queer Print Club at OCAD University, facilitated by my dear friend and former colleague Nick Shick. I showed and telled a heap of my print work and portfolios that I am a part of, and then did a general screenprinting demo and demonstrated how to print a split fountain, or "sweet fade" as I like to call it, in two different directions. With students' help, I printed a small edition of 13 prints on beautiful sparkly gold paper and another 20 on white cougar. We sold out of the gold, but here are the white version available here on Justseeds.

This print is a remix of a hand-drawn camouflage pattern I made a few years ago, now with that secret queer triangle even more visible. I have long been drawn to camouflage patterns and have recently thought of them as a way to visualize intersectionality, of working across difference and also of the tension between visibility and assimilation. Between dazzling and passing.

I want you to know I see you, I acknowledge you, and I love you.

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