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Spirits in a Material World


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Out of stock

I was invited to participate in the show "Lazy Stitch" organized by artist and activist Cannupa Hanska Luger which opened May 4, 2018 at Galleries of Contemporary Art at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.  As described by Ginger Dunnhill of Broken Boxes Podcast, "Spirits in a Material World depicts regalia 'The One Who Checks & The One Who Balances' by artists Cannupa Hanska Luger and Kathy Whitman in performative actions of political resistance. Spirits in a Material World further illustrates connection to the land and the importance of ceremony, story and intention which is threaded into the emerging pattern of the Lazy Stitch exhibition."

One of the objectives of the show was to raise awareness about the plight of murdered and missing indigenous women who have the highest rates of domestic violence and sexual assault as compared to other racial groups in North America. (Data supported by the CDC + Department of Justice).  One hundred percent of money raised from the sale of the first 25 prints was donated to the Native Women's Association of Canada.   The backstory on the creation of the print can be found here:



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