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Stand Strong



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In the beginning I thought to call this piece Protect What You Love, so perhaps it has it's formal name and also a spirit name. It is a four color reduction linoleum block print, or "death cut". Symbolic not only in idea, but in practice too. From the start, reduction cuts require a vision of the end, as one works from the lightest color to the darkest carving into the shadow after each run that the color underneath shows through. It is a magical process of planning and the unexpected.

I wanted to show the posture of strength through open heartedness; the kind of strength that holds the line and says No. No more, we as humans have done enough. We are no longer going to make the mistakes of conquest, not of new worlds or old, not of humans or of the earth. Enough! NO MORE!!! We are going to protect what is our collective heritage of well-being. That includes the earth with it's clean water, air and soil. Our collective heritage, including ancient balanced ecosystems, and our ability to be free and responsible to each other.

These prints are the remaining edition from our Community Supported Art program in 2015.

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